4855 Scouter


A powerful web app for scouting at FIRST Robotics Competition events.

Written by Alex Rummel of team 4855 Ramageddon

The 4855 Scouter is a scouting program built from scratch specifically for FIRST Robotics Competition teams to scout competitors and draw key insights from scouting data. Our scouter does the hard analytical work for you by simulating matches, generating playoff pick lists, and showing you how strong every robot is beyond their event rankings.

The scouting program is fully aligned with the 2020 FRC game Infinite Recharge.


No internet connection necessary.

No internet connection necesssary.

Full offline functionality means you don't need to rely on your venue's hit-or-miss WiFi to create and deliver your valuable scouting information.

Works on any device.

Works on any device.

Whether your scouters work on a PC, Mac, Chromebook, or Android phone, the 4855 Scouter will operate just the same on any device with an internet browser and a hard drive.

Easy to install.

Easy to install.

Just unzip the folder and you're ready to scout. The 4855 Scouter works as-is and does not require any additional installations or plug-ins.

Scout from anywhere.

Scout from anywhere.

Whether you're watching from a stream or in the stands, the 4855 Scouter can analyze and make use of any scouting data from any event.

Simple to use.

The basic scouter interface The more complex lead scouter interface

Your scouters only need to worry about creating forms and delivering them to your lead scouter. The standard scouter interface was designed with rookies in mind and is simple, while the lead scouter has access to powerful analytical information that's ready to deliver to drivers so they can draft the best gameplan for every match.

Ready to scout?

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